About Us

Hi-Tech Gallery commenced operations on a modest scale in 1998, and today is one of the country’s leading Branding & Identity Solution providers.

We Have One Goal

‘Surprising you with quality innovation’
is our continuous credo at Hi-Tech Gallery.

In a fast-changing corporate and consumer marketplace with fickle loyalty, we strive to keep up with the latest of tech trends prevailing in retail worldwide. Our tech prowess is ably matched by our design and fabrication  capabilities. Our team is constantly watchful of retail advancements and innovations, so we can take on the latest tech and fabrication design needs . The line-up shown is not exhaustive but is a mere round-up of our deeper capabilities – of man, machinery and ingenuity ,ensuring stunning results and delighted customers.

From Initial Brief

It all starts with an idea in the client’s mind. Or sometimes on our scribbling pad, when we listen in on a client need. Next begins the ideation, the visual shape, the feasibility aspect, costing and prototyping at ‘HI-TECH GALLERY’ . 

From then on, until the final production, it is co-creation and collaboration with the client, all the way. And that’s why we’re so good at what we do.

About Us

Hi-Tech Gallery commenced operations on a modest scale in 1998, and today is one of the country’s leading Branding & Identity Solution  providers.

Over the years, we have found our niche in Retail and visual merchandising development as well as display & advanced  signage solutions. Our work has been both critically acclaimed at prestigious fora, as well as appreciated by reputed brands and corporate clientele. We possess world-class Infrastructure &  fabrication materials besides a team that works at par for global clientele across the country and overseas. Our line-up includes, but is not limited to:

  • FMCG Displays
  • Education
  • Brand Signage
  • In-shop Branding
  • Corporate Wall and Reception Ambience
  • Automotive Identity Solutions
  • Miniatures and Scale Models

FMCG Display

Every single piece of signage says something about the company about the brand and even about its standing in the market place. Which is why we do our homework well, check insights and secondary research and only then do we recommend signage for you.

 Every effort is made to ensure that your signage fulfils the purpose that it was  created for. Standing out. Making a statement in the ecosystem. And creating that precious mindspace. That equity that we all look for.  In fact, our Corporate & Directional Sign System are designed for maximal impact to ensure that you never miss a business opportunity. Our consistent,  modern and stunning signage guide you and your users efficiently through  complex environments , ensuring visibility and value for money. At all times.

  • Floor Standing Units
  • Counter Top
  • Window
  • Flag
  • Parasites and Hanger
  • Poster/Bags/Dangler
  • Corporate Gifts
  • Demo Kit

The Daunfarm Team

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